Closet Organization Accessories

From shoes to scarves, our custom closet systems help organize your entire wardrobe

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    Inspired Spaces offers easy-to-use closet accessories for Ruston-area residents. Our products are versatile so they can enhance both new and existing closet organization systems. These are great options for anyone who desires additional storage for small items like jewelry, belts, hats, shoes, bags, and cufflinks. Our closet accessories not only protect your belongings, but also make it easier to access your favorite pieces. The days of shuffling through cluttered drawers are gone with our team on your side!

    Our designers can guide you toward custom elements that are right for your organizational goals so you get a personalized installation that benefits you. There is no limit to what our closet accessories can do! Our selection includes:

    • Jewelry trays lined with velveteen
    • Pull-out pant racks
    • Angled shoe shelves
    • Sliding scarf, belt & tie racks
    • Laundry valet rod
    • Tilt-out and pull-out hampers
    • Sliding wire baskets
    • Slide-out swivel mirrors
    Closet Accessories

    Our accessory storage systems go perfectly with any size, style or shape of closet to help you get the most out of your storage space. Whether you have a small reach-in closet or an expansive walk-in closet, we have storage solutions that will help maximize your space and make organization simple. Our experts will work with you to put together a personalized design that accommodates all of your belongings and enhances your closet design.

    Laundry Solutions

    A lack of laundry solutions is one of the biggest causes of clutter in the home. Dirty clothes often end up on the floor, on chairs or even on the bed. This poses a safety hazard and disrupts the clean feel of your home in the spaces that should be the most relaxing. There are better ways to manage your laundry. Our laundry systems blend seamlessly with your closet installation, so you get a functional design that contributes to a cleaner space. Our selection of laundry solutions includes:

    • Laundry valet
    • Tilt-out & pull-out hampers
    • Crown and base molding
    • Adjustable shelves
    • Cloth or wire pullout baskets

    Our professionals will walk you through the design process and make custom recommendations so you find the best closet accessories for your home. No matter your closet conundrum, Inspired Spaces has a solution for you. Contact us for a custom closet estimate to discuss closet accessory options for your Louisiana home.