Wall-Mounted Murphy Beds

Comfortable wall-mounted beds guests will love

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    Entertaining takes a lot of preparation, but it doesn’t have to cost you space in your home. Whether you are hosting guests for a long weekend or simply need a place for the kids to have slumber parties, our wall-mounted Murphy beds are a great option for Louisiana homeowners. They don’t require a separate guest room to be set aside because the simple design blends seamlessly with your existing home décor.

    Install a wall bed in any room of the house like a home office, living room, or basement and enjoy the benefits that come with having additional sleeping space for any occasion. Inspired Spaces offers easy-to-use wall beds that are suitable for any home.

    Space Saving Solutions
    Wall beds are a great way to avoid the traditional sleeping conundrums people face when company arrives. Lumpy sofa beds and sleeping bags spread out over the hard floor are a thing of the past. With our wall beds, you can offer your guests a comfortable sleeping space in just minutes! The mattress is never folded, so you can offer guests the same comfort they would receive sleeping in their own bed at home.

    Our designers offer a variety of customizations to help your wall bed transition seamlessly into an existing home office or guest room. Choose either a steel or aluminum frame in either full or queen sizes for a wall bed that fits your home. Even the color and style of your wall bed’s façade can be customized to disguise your wall bed in plain sight.