Pantry Organization

Custom pantry solutions for Ruston,
LA homeowners

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    The kitchen is the center of activity for the home, which could be why the pantry is one of the most difficult rooms to keep organized. Many pantries in the Ruston-area have permanent fixed shelving, which limits use based on the height of stored items. We offer adjustable shelving for pantries that can adapt to whichever height you choose. Our professional team of designers has pantry storage solutions that make it easy to create your favorite dishes or showcase your extensive selection of fine wines. We offer quality materials installed with an expert eye. Whether you need food storage solutions for holidays, celebrations or even family dinners we have the perfect pantry organizers to help upgrade your dining experience.

    Not all pantries are the same. We invite you to personalize your pantry design with Inspired Spaces. Our experts will provide a custom pantry evaluation to determine where trouble areas currently exist and how we might be able to improve on your existing space. For instance, kids might need a shelf they can reach for after school snacks. The chef in the family may also need room to store spices. We’ll take all these details into account during the design process, so you get the pantry of your dreams. Your completely custom design will optimize space and create a more usable kitchen overall. You can further personalize the look of your design with your choice of two different finishes for wire accessories.

    Our pantry accessories can include:

    • Slide-out wine racks
    • Slide-out can racks
    • Corner storage solutions
    • Wire baskets
    • Vertical Dividers

    It’s time to get more out of your kitchen pantry. Schedule your in-home consultation today and upgrade to custom pantry storage solutions you’ll love. Inspired Spaces has everything you need to get cooking.